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Historic Portrayals

“Voices of History”

As part of Washington Revels’ Civil War commemoration activities, a talented group of Washington DC area actors brings to life the portrayals of several real persons from local history:

Scott Sedar potrays President Abraham Lincoln

Scott Sedar potrays President Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln (Scott Sedar)
Using primary source material from Lincoln’s writing, speeches and letters, Mr. Lincoln can present at podium or casually address 21st century citizens in an informal setting.

John Nicolay (Keegan Cassady)
Lincoln’s devoted secretary, who often accompanies him on visits. 

Johanna Plummer (Hilary Kacser)
A Quaker woman struggling with the issue of manumission in 1797. This portrayal depicts some of the issues of the Quakers’ “personal abolition” in a pre-Civil War setting.

Anne Maria Weems (Lauren DuPree)
Weems presents the riveting story of how she escaped to freedom on the Underground Railroad disguised as a coachboy at the age of 15.

AAnna Maria Weems (Lauren DePree) at Fort Ward Park, Alexandria, VA (photo courtesy Arts Laureate)

Anna Maria Weems (Lauren DuPree) at Fort Ward Park, Alexandria, VA (photo courtesy Arts Laureate)

Enoch George Howard & Harriet Anne Howard (Harold Blackford and Andrea Jones Blackford)
A third person portrayal of prominent citizens of Montgomery County. Ex-slave and land owner Enoch George  Howard established a church, school and large farm for freed African-Americans in the Sunshine, Maryland area.

Rev. Phillip Johnson (Calvin McCullough)
Rev Johnson spent his life as Dr. Stephen White’s slave near White’s Ferry. He would see Civil War action in Poolesville and would recount ghost stories in the years after the war. This portrayal is taken from Library of Congress slave narratives archives.

A Fine Lady of the South (Claudia Dulmage)
Reads “Letters from Home,” highlighting a Southern woman’s view of the Civil War.

For more information about Washington Revels Heritage Voices, and to explore hosting a performance at your site, contact Christine Alexander at 301-587-3835.